Streetcar Exhibition- Artists Network Gallery, Toronto Ontario Canada

Artwork Title: Sway

Series: Afros and Architecture

Description: Sway, city streets and streetcar lines move to the beat of her drum. 

XPOSED Exhibition- Knox Contemporary Gallery of Art, Calgary Alberta Canada

Artwork Title: Solitude

Series: I Am the City

Description: Solitude, laps against the rocks, sprays tendrils of liquid, salty tears dissipate into the clouds. A storm brews overhead, clapping echoes of thunder, electrifies the shadows warring with the light. 

Artwork: Cipher

Series: I Am the City

Description: Cipher, let go. What it means to grasp the night, lay deep within the heart of its vulnerabilities, unlocking the code of the city. Neon signs glow endless, humming their tune like fireflies.

Monochrome Photography Exhibition- The Glasgow Gallery of Photography, Glasgow Scotland

Artwork Title: Reverberations

Series: I Am The City

Description: Reverberations, a cacophony of sounds rattle the city at its core. Birds flock to the line, reflect sounds and shadows against the glass city. The hum and buzz of the engines rise towards the clouds, but the constant cadence of the songs infiltrating eardrums create their remix, cutting through hours rushed.