Transference- Limited Edition of 5


  • Image of Transference- Limited Edition of 5

About the Series:
Lost in thought. We often wander into ourselves or experience an out of body state in dreams. These are the moments when we become lost in reverie. Feathers in many cultures are believed to have a connection to the spiritual realm. This series attempts to explore this intangible space.

Artwork Description:
Stumble, blanketed by salty dew. Eyes fluttered against gravity, rain pelted against the windowpane by the bed: nature, organic, duelling itself - flesh against the storm clouds. A body lost in dreams, stumbling between reality and abstract lies.

Signed original art produced in a small, local, Fine Art Printing Studio in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

Material Specifications:
Printed using museum-quality inkjet, made using a high-resolution digital printer, 12 archival inks. Matte finish on photo-rag paper.

All prints are gently rolled in a dent-resistant tube, which provides a more economic shipping solution.

2 AP+ Limited Edition of 5 available.